5 Most Popular Celebrity Skin Treatments, Beauty tips for Women

5 Most Popular Celebrity Skin Treatments, Beauty tips for Women


“How come she is so beautiful? She’s even older than me and looks like a prom queen!” This is a statement you must have heard or pronounced it yourself in one version or another, upon seeing that beautiful, long time popular actress on the red carpet. But no need for panic, nor inferiority complex – the reason celebrities look so good is that they have got so much money they can afford one or all of the following skin treatment procedures:


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 Make your Skin Look like Celebrities, Actresses and Stars

Anti Aging IV Treatment

In a procedure which eerily reminds of some kind of vampirism, celebrities which do not think that they should look any older than they looked on their prom night lie on a bed connected to an IV which is filled with magnesium chloride, vitamins B and C, calcium gluconate. After the procedure is over they feel less tired and a certain healthy glow


Hyalu ronic Acid

Treating wrinkles has never been easier. With the help of Juvederm or Restylane, which are fillers based on hyalu ronic acid, famous actors and actresses can remove the traces of their true age and stay timeless, as they should be. The process of injecting takes about two times longer than the normal injection process, but leaves no traces of itself – that is, no bruises to worry about.


Bo tox Lite

Bo tox is by far the most famous of all the items on this list and there is probably no need to elaborate on it much further, but have you heard of a procedure popularly called bo tox lite? It consists of injecting really small amounts of bo tox into a number of spots on the patient’s forehead. The procedure is much less invasive than regular bo tox procedure, especially in side effects that follow. The results last for around three months.


Full Body Tightening

Tight skin is to celebrities like good eyes or functional hands are to us. It is a tool with which they do their jobs and it needs to be top notch all the time. Now, with the advance of technology, it seems that our favorite stars will not have to face the cold blade of the scalpel anymore. Anesthesia is also a thing of the past with Accent XL, a skin tightening device which uses radio frequency to do its job, and it does it well! Treatments with Accent XL are performed four or five times a month.


Zits Are No More

A great, big, red zit is a nightmare on anyone’s face – but imagine what it is like to be an actor with an upcoming audition and a great big volcano on your forehead. The medicine comes to rescue and provides the so called “cort shot” which is an injection of corti sone which shows results in less than two days. If the injection is followed by treating the hot spot with near infrared light the effects of reducing the size and color of the zit are amplified.