Among the Watch Brands Titan, Timex and Fastrack, Which Brand Manufacture the...

Among the Watch Brands Titan, Timex and Fastrack, Which Brand Manufacture the Most Durable Watches?


All of us are well aware that the three renowned brands  Titan, Timex, and Fastrack, have gained immense appreciation and demand within a very short span of time. The brands have left no leaf unturned in soaring heights. Yet, when it comes to choosing one brand among the three most popular ones, often people are left in doubt as to which one to rate as the best! Origin, durability, long life, everything comes into play. On the grounds of durability and style mostly, people judge the brand and demand. Among the three brands, Titan has been the oldest of all. Let us see how we can rate these brands on matters of durability and lifespan.

Best Watch - Titan Timex or


Established in 1984 with a joint speculation between the Tamil Nadu Industrial Corporation and the Tata Group of Companies, Titan has become the fifth largest manufacturer of self branded watches in India. Titan Company has transmuted the Indian watch market with its international looks and style in titan watches. Along with this, the varieties are innumerable, irrespective of gender or country. The style is comfortable for all with the long lasting quality. Designed in studs and leather, it has earned the heart of plenty. Recently, though, the durability of the brand had dropped down slightly from top most to the average with few complaints from its purchasers. But it gained back its lost honour and is among the top lists again! The customers are completely satisfied.


With a remarkable approach in 1879, the United States established company, Timex reached heights. The brand is ultra reliable and holds great durability. It is well precise and affordable for all classes. This company has been the pioneer of the renowned Indiglo Technology.  The company has come up with a wide range of watches, having light body weight, flexibility and many with water resistance capabilities too. Although, the dial might be too small for few hands, but the style is beautiful. The smart timex watches introduced recently have received great appreciation from its customers. The customers have been coming up with more and more demands till date.


The company launched under Titan as its sub- brand, Fastrack had already gained popularity. With the declaration as a completely independent brand in 2005, the watch brand reached the sky within no time. The rough and tough models with exclusive designs, Fastrack has won the hearts of the young. Be it for men or women, the e- commerce is mostly crowded with demands for the watches. The durability of the brand has been extremely satisfactory.

Therefore, Fastrack is the most satisfying of all the three brands presently, in matters of durability as well as long life.