Best Tips To Help You Stop Aging, Look like an Actress

Best Tips To Help You Stop Aging, Look like an Actress


While watching TV, when you see your favorite celebrity looking so flawless and young even in her late 30’s, makes you think about your own skin. You surely would want to know about their anti-aging secrets, but to inform you, celebrities are meant to look hot and for that they go for a number of cosmetic surgeries, injections and what not. Since, you are not from that field and may not be in a position to afford costly treatments, it is better to keep your skin young through natural ways.

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To help you gain that celebrity glow, we have some natural anti-aging secrets, here:

 Laugh Out Loud

I know you don’t laugh very often, but laughter is one of the best anti-aging secrets. Just to convince you that how this simple trick can slow your aging, you must know that laughter reduces the levels of stress hormone, cortisol and releases endorphins (health enhancing hormones). If you are de-stressed, your lines and wrinkles reduces considerably. Make sure you laugh a lot either by reading comedy novels, books, comics or watching your favorite comedy shows on TV.

 Berries For Anti-Aging

Berries like raspberry, cherries, strawberries and cranberries contain anthocyanins, a water soluble pigment, that helps you fight many monsters of aging. In a research, it has also been found that consumption of anthocyanins prolong good vision and improve blood circulation.

 Sleep Keeping Your Legs Inclined

Strange! Isn’t it, how can you sleep, keeping your legs inclined. Relax, just keep a pillow under your lower legs or position your bed inclined – 1 or 2 degrees towards the upper side of the bed. This helps improve blood flow to your face and brain over the night. Improved blood flow helps collagen production and reduce aging signs like fine lines and dark circles. Aren’t these anti-aging secrets easy and flexible to adopt for having a younger looking skin.

Move Your Muscle

Engage yourself in this natural anti-aging secret of strenuous muscle work. If you are not fond of exercising, then your daily household work can help you stay young for long. Engage yourself in daily tasks such as cleaning the ceiling, carrying heavy buckets, kneading dough, dusting the floor, hammering a nail and other such sort of works. All these help strengthen your bones and muscles, which consequently show on your face as well.

Sesame Oil And Flaxseed Oil

Both of these oils are extremely natural and one of the best anti-aging secrets. Massage your whole body from face to toe with sesame oil, it improves blood circulation and wakes you up in the morning while keeping you fresh whole day. Adding two tablespoons of flaxseed oil to your diet can do wonders for your skin. It is rich in anti-oxidants and is an anti-inflammatory that keeps you healthy from inside, making you beautiful from outside.

Amazing! Isn’t it? These extremely simple and natural anti-aging secrets can help you postpone your age. But, it all depends on how regularly and honestly you follow this simple routine. Keep yourself at distance from expensive chemical skincare products and adopt these anti-aging secrets today, to get flawless and wrinkle free skin.


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