Healthy Weight Managment Tips, Loose your Weight, Look Healthy and Slim

Healthy Weight Managment Tips, Loose your Weight, Look Healthy and Slim


When asked the question “Who wishes to lose weight, be healthy and look slim” is bound to raise all hands in the audience and perhaps both hands

A fat body not only poses a risk to your health attracting many lifestyle diseases in the long run but also affects the person’s self confidence.

Healthy Weight Managment Tips, Loose your Weight, Look Healthy and Slim

Losing weight doesn’t have to require a heroic effort, only a few changes in your diet and having an exercise plan in place will go a long way in not only losing weight but also maintaining it forever.

There is a huge misconception about the word “dieting”. A diet or being on a diet doesn’t necessarily mean you starve or don’t eat anything or survive on a liquid diet. Warning: Crash diets are fads and don’t work! A few sensible changes in your daily eating habits, adding healthier options and eating frequently is actually is what is required.

Losing weight is an emotional process; one should not think of it as a herculean task or feel sorry that one is on a diet. Only if you enjoy your diet with a positive attitude and start doing some form of exercise which you enjoy, you will be able to see results soon.

Below are a few tips to plan your diet and exercise. Weight management Tips for your healthy Lifestyle

Start eating ideally 6 or 7 small meals per day instead of 3 heavy ones.

People who eat breakfast regularly lose weight quicker than those who don’t. Our body needs replenishment within half an hour of waking up as it has been fasting past 8 to 10hrs. A denial will make it go into panic mode and it starts saving the energy in the form of fat.

Include protein without fail in your breakfast, this will give energy through-out the day and also help you from over eating in the next meal.

Ideal breakfast would include – Egg white, fruits (Prefer whole fruit to fruit juice), cereal, oats, nuts, and milk.

Portion Size! is very important when you are trying to eat healthy. It’s not only essential to eat healthy but also to eat it in prescribed portions. Most of us are eating the wrong portions and thus overeating. Go in for a smaller plate and check for the right portion sizes for each ingredient with your dietician / Doctor or you can simply Google and inspire yourself look Healthy and Slim

Include lots of fruits and vegetables and fiber rich grains in your daily meal plan. Apple, pineapple, blue berries, Orange and Papaya are the top fruits which assist in weight loss. Similarly, Broccoli, Carrots, Tomatoes, Cabbage are the top vegetables which assist in weight loss.

Always opt for whole grains and avoid processed and refined food. Good examples are Wheat, Oats, Ragi, Jowar etc.

And yes don’t forget to drink plenty of water and buttermilk. This will not only keep you full but also keeps you hydrated.

Physical activity in the form of exercise is essential for losing weight. Beginners can start with 15 minutes of walking and gradually increasing it 30mins to 1hour. Again exercise need not be a burden or painful activity. Add some fun to it by walking in your favorite park, Plug-in your ipod and get grooving while you walk. You can have a separate playlist of mood lifting high pitch songs for exercise. The trick is to enjoy the workout and may be never call it working out J

Spend less time in front of your TV and Computer, it really adds up to your waistline.

Keep yourself engaged, boredom leads to eating. Take up a hobby, join a craft class, meet friends or go shopping!

With a few changes, a super positive attitude and a disciplined approach will help you achieve the physique you have always dreamed of and yes while enjoying the process.

Good Luck!