How to Choose The Right Pair of Leggings –

How to Choose The Right Pair of Leggings –


Most of us have been victims of cheap leggings and if you have not, consider yourself lucky. It is the lure of their low prices that pulls us in. We may even try them on and even though the fluorescent lights of a dressing room is never flattering, we still manage to get a false sense of security that these leggings will work out. In my experience, beware of cheap leggings! It is best to put them back on the rack and walk away. They are not the leggings they promised to be. Here are 2 fatal stories of women who were victims of cheap leggings:

The Right Pair of

Molly was a new mom to a little boy Danny. She purchased her pair of leggings on a whim when she saw them on the rack when purchasing diapers for her son at a big box discount retailer. She thought they looked great when she tried them on and wanted something that she could wear every day that was comfortable and stylish. She would not have suspected how awful her purchase would turn out to be. She had only worn them once before when she decided to put them that day for her playdate at baby Gymboree.

She was already for an active day of jumping around on the floor mat with her son. She and Danny were having a blast until another mom pulled her aside. The other mom asked her if she knew about the hole that was near her crotch. Looking down she was mortified. She couldn’t believe it. These were brand new leggings! And they already had a hole that seemed to be getting larger and larger by the minute, right in the worse possible spot. She thanked the other mom for pointing it out to her but spent the rest of the playdate self-conscious about the hole and making sure her legs were always crossed to hide it.

So you see? When it comes to leggings, you definitely get what you pay for. I hope these cautionary tales will help prevent you from becoming a victim of cheap leggings! For high quality leggings that you can fill your boutique shop with, visit the crew at Wholesale Leggings. Friendly group of people and amazing customer service! ­Still not convinced? Read this next tale.

Jenny was a college student who had just been asked out by a guy she had been crushing on in her American History 101 class. She was so excited but when he suggested that they go play laser tag for their first date she was a bit hesitant. She didn’t know what to wear! While perusing online she found a pair of leggings that were only $5! What a steal! She ordered them and was happy that they got to her dorm room before the big night. She thought a pair of leggings would look chic with a new billowing top that she purchased for this special night out.

They felt a bit thin when she put it on, but when she looked in the mirror she thought she looked great. She was pleased that she could still look sexy but be able to move around freely when they went out to play laser tag. When Jenny and her date got there, they suited up with a vest and laser gun and then ushered into a black-lit room for instructions. It was then her date pointed out to her that the leggings she had purchased online were so thin that they were basically see-through. And with the black light on, her white undies showed through like a bright beacon. Embarrassed, Jenny immediately cut the date short.

Lesson learnt = Fashion and Quality is required.

Choose your Right pair of Leggings