How to dress for a Wedding or a Party? Tips on being...

How to dress for a Wedding or a Party? Tips on being different


Parties or wedding s gathering of a people to honor the special person on this special day, like Birthday party, Wedding anniversary, Marriage and so on.

So how to dress for this party ??

It depends on type of party if u going for birthday party little fancy dresses like skirts, mini’s, a jean and t-shirt is enough for girls. It traditional you can go for normal salwar kurti with minimal work. A boy can dress up in cool color t-shirt with jean with a cool and decent hair style.

If an office party then men are look best in Blazers. A black color branded blazer gives man a stunning look. When it comes to women a long skirt, a legging and kurtis are best for women. In office parties men preferred dark color clothes and mostly women goes for bright or light color cloth.

How to dress for a Wedding or a Party? Get Ready to Party

When it comes to wedding, a biggest celebration for women a good stunning zari ghagra looks the superb. With small comfortable sandals. On ghagra a bun should be tied in hairs decorated with pins and flowers. Flowers should be real  and bangles color should match the flowers colors. If marriage is of close then it gives the stunning looks. You can also go for sleeveless or backless if you want in more fashion. If marriage is of far then frocks with chudidar looks best with long heels. Women can goes with dark color saree with golden bordered works. Long open hairs are best hair style in saree for Indian women. If hairs length and breadth is less then can also go for artificial buns with decorated accessories. A heavy jewelry looks stunning on sarees and ghagaras.

When it comes to men, they can prefer sherwani with zari work on neck and color. Men should prefer light or bright colors. For reception dark color blazer are preferable. Hair style for men should be set according to their face what suits on them.

Wedding is important for men and women both. They both want to look special and attractive above from dress, accessories and make up carrying yourself is also important. What ever you wearing you should be comfortable and handle enough to feel comfortable.  In all the seconds what you need to carry is smile, a smile makes you always attractive and hence increases the beauty of your face.

In every party from causal to formal and marriage to office having a smile on your face attracts people towards you by making you the centre of attraction.

In offices, clubs or pubs party if you wearing a skirts weather short or long, long heels are most attractive side for centre of attraction with open and stylish hairs. Hairs also plays a major role in special occasions, so it should be set according to face shape and dress. Hairs gives you the overall in at occasions, so one must specially concentrate on it.

Clothing also depends places where you staying and what standard your maintaining. Wearing a clothes shows your standard in the society. Dressing sense gives your thoughts in the society how and what taste your having for clothes. Dressings sense gives the mind setup of a person weather its men  or women.

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