How to Wear Indian Saree and Look Slim? Indian Saree Fashion Tips

How to Wear Indian Saree and Look Slim? Indian Saree Fashion Tips


Saree is the most elegant and beautiful attire for every woman. It looks wonderful on every woman of any age and body type. Saree makes a woman look sensuous and graceful. It is important on how you wear your Saree so that you look slimmer. If you are not Indian and want to try out this elegant outfit, then quickly grab an Indian visa and visit the country to know more!

How to Wear -Drape Indian Saree for

Drape a perfect Saree with Indian Style

Tips on wearing Saree the perfect way:

  • One of the sides of the upper edge of the saree needs to be held with your left hand around the waist to the feet on the backside while you leave the pallu side of the saree on the other hand.
  • The top border on the inner side of the saree needs to be tucked in the petticoat in a way that the saree falls to the floor level.
  • Drape the whole saree around your waist so that you keep it on the same level of height.
  • Then tuck the top edge of saree in the petticoat keeping it on the same level of height.
  • Starting from the right side of the saree, make folding of few plates and then tuck them into the petticoat so that bottom level of the saree touches the floor level.
  • Get the saree’s other end in both of your hands and leave the pallu on left side of the shoulder in such a way that the pallu falls on your back.

It is important to find the right type of saree for your body type so that you look slim and tall. The following things need to be kept in mind before wearing a saree that looks perfect on your body:

Fabric of the Saree:

Fabrics such as crepe, chiffon, georgette, etc. are light weight and they stick closely to your body which makes you look slimmer. Also, if you wear it perfectly, they accentuate your figure making it look more appealing and sensuous.


The print of the saree you are wearing plays an important role in making you look slimmer. Small or mild prints and motifs help you look slim.

Saree border:

Some sarees have broad and bold borders. If you want to look slim, opt for sarees that have slim borders or no borders at all


Dark shades like black, red, mauve, etc. make you appear slimmer and also lightens your skin tone. These dark shades help to hide your body’s flaws and brings out your body’s curves just the right way.

Draping a saree:

 How you drape your saree is the most crucial in deciding how it looks on you. Perfectly draped saree helps to accentuate your curves and brings out the best in you.

When you are going to a party, follow this simple tips on how to wear an Indian saree and look slim and attractive in the party.


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