Importance of Henna in Indian weddings, Mehendi for Indian Brides

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Think of a wedding and the first thing that comes to any bride’s mind and her complete clan of relatives too is Mehendi aka Henna.

It has such significance so much so that an entire pre wedding ritual revolves around it. Normally a day before the wedding day the bride is applied Henna on her hands and feet. In India its customary that the Groom’s side send in the henna for the bride. And this also turn up to be an all girls or a bachelorette party most of the time.

It is also believed, the richer the color of Mehendi the more your would-be-husband will love you.  Though it is a myth purely for fun!

Importance of Henna in Indian weddings, Mehendi for Indian Brides

Mehendi also signifies a married woman’s adornment and is also applied at every festival and occasion.

There are various types of Mehendi designs most popular of them being Marwari and Arabic designs. There is also a mix of both these designs and applied according to personal choice and preferences.

After application it normally turns out to be a dark red or maroon in color. Once can take ready mix Mehendi available at departmental stores and beauty salons or can prepare their own mixture at home by adding a few drops of eucalyptus oil to it for a deeper color.

After application it usually dries within 2 to 3 hours and should be left as it is overnight. The next morning too it would be advisable to avoid contact with water to Mehendi applied portions of hands and feet. This helps the color in deepening. One can see a good color by the end of next day of application.

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