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How to Choose The Right Pair of Leggings –

POSTED BY   /  27 August, 2014  

Most of us have been victims of cheap leggings and if you have not, consider yourself lucky. It is the lure of their low prices that pulls us in. We may even try them on and even though the fluorescent..
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How to Wear Indian Saree and Look Slim? Indian Saree Fashion Tips

POSTED BY   /  6 August, 2014  

Saree is the most elegant and beautiful attire for every woman. It looks wonderful on every woman of any age and body type. Saree makes a woman look sensuous and graceful. It is important on how you wear your Saree..
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5 Most Popular Celebrity Skin Treatments, Beauty tips for Women

POSTED BY   /  24 June, 2014  

“How come she is so beautiful? She’s even older than me and looks like a prom queen!” This is a statement you must have heard or pronounced it yourself in one version or another, upon seeing that beautiful, long time..
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Dos and don’ts of Cosmetic treatments – Beauty Tips for Females

POSTED BY   /  28 May, 2014  

Makeup is important It is important for any woman to look her best, and even though most women beautiful naturally, some will require a little help from the side. Not because they think that they look ugly but to enhance..
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Read Easy Ideas For Dressing For Success for Your Big Day

POSTED BY   /  12 April, 2014  

As a busy adult, fashion may be the last thing on your mind. That is perfectly acceptable. There are a lot of things you can do to improve your sense of fashion. The fashion tips in this article will help..
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Tips to Make you Hair Grow Healthy Faster & Longer –

POSTED BY   /  7 December, 2013  

Hair tips which really works, How to quickly grow your hair longer. Certainly I have used many products till now for my hair. Products showed up on Google Search, Television Ads and magazines which even after long time use didn’t..
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How to Get fairer complexion – Homemade Remedies to get Fairness

POSTED BY   /  28 November, 2013  

We at IndianRamp are keen to provide you the best ever homemade and easy fairness remedy to make your skin fair in minutes. No need to go to any beauty parlour or get any costly fairness cream. Our professionals have..
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Tips for wearing Heels, How to wear Heels being comfortable?

POSTED BY   /  18 November, 2013  

Wearing Heels, most of the Times people wear heels now a days. Whenever we wear Heels, we get a lots of questions from everyone. How do you walk in heels? How you wear such high heels? How do you stay..
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Easy Homemade Natural Fruit Pack for Glowing Skin, Tips for Glowing Skin

POSTED BY   /  18 November, 2013  

Everyone would like to keep they Skin glowing always. Suppose you need to a party or wedding and you think you’re skin is looking very dull. At this time if you need Instant glow to your skin, We will teach..
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