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Actress Nargis Fakhri at Bollywood Brides BMW India Bridal Fashion Week 2014

POSTED BY   /  2 November, 2014  

Bollywood Actress Nargis Fakhri was seen showcasing AZVA creations during the `BMW India Bridal Fashion Week 2014`in New Delhi in the month of August. Movie “Rockstar” actress Nargis Fakhri had a minimal wardrobe malfunction on the ramp at the ongoing..
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Bridal Jewelry Designs for Women, Latest Traditional Indian Jewelry

POSTED BY   /  13 June, 2014  

Latest Collection of Bridal Jewelry collection for women 2014-15. Women Wear Jewelry to look good and also as a status symbol. Women want to show off wealth or as just a gift remembrance. Example gift from a Husband or from..
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Fond of Trendy Jewelry? Get Some from the Online Stores

POSTED BY   /  26 September, 2013  

The world is home to a number of stores that offer branded clothes for girls. Everyone from usual girls to the celebrities is a fan of style cuddled clothes, and accessories that compliment the same. Imagine you are dressing up..
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Diamond Jewellery Designs for Bridal Wear, New Diamond Jewellery Catalog

POSTED BY   /  11 March, 2013  

Diamond Jewellery Online. Diamonds are a girl’s best friends. Capture her heart with this Ruby and diamond necklace with matching earrings. A very contemporary design this set can make any girl’s heart skip a beat. You can see the glow..
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Fashion Jewellery for Girls, Wholesale Custom Fashion Jewellery

POSTED BY   /  9 March, 2013  

Fashion jewelry or custom jewelry as also called has become very popular among the girls. With Bollywood and Tollywood superstars adorning these sets in crystal American diamond this costume will add glitter to your outfits. This white and green stone..
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Indian Jewellery Designs 2013, Bollywood Fashion Jewellery Online

POSTED BY   /  1 March, 2013  

Latest #Jewellery inspired from #Bollywood #Designs and Trendy #Fashion Jewellery from India for women. You can never go wrong with this Green and White stone fashion jewelry set which is a mix of traditional and modern designs. The bell flower..
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Diamond Jewellery Designs for Women Latest Jewellery Design 2013

POSTED BY   /  12 February, 2013  

Gold and Diamonds are the best friends of Women. We have latest specialized design and Gold Handcrafted jewellery with 22K and 24K high quality designs from the best craftsmen and artisan in India. Diamond Jewellery fascinates everyone with its contemporary..
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White Gold Engagement Rings, Designer Diamond, Carat Jewellery Rings

POSTED BY   /  8 February, 2013  

Wedding Bells Ring when two people engage with each other. Engagement Party is a start of traditional ceremony between the two families. Out of many traditions Rings exchange or Ring tradition is followed in Wedding as well as in engagement...
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Beautiful Gold Necklace Set Collection Gold Diamond Jewellery Online

POSTED BY   /  6 February, 2013  

Gold and Diamond Necklace Sets 2013 collection for Women. Latest Gold and Diamond Jewellery necklace Sets for Women, Party Wear jewellery designs and Patterns from special makers with 916 KDM to 24 Carat Pure Gold. you can also avail the..
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