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Full Hand Mehendi Designs, Bridal Henna Designs for Hands 2013-14

POSTED BY   /  16 November, 2013  

Henna Designs, Mehendi Designs have always been a trend in any wedding or festival. It been popular in most of the Coutries specially in India and Pakistan. Even Easter and western countries are now following Henna and Tattoo designs in..
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Bridal Henna Designs, Indian Pakistani Mehendi Designs for Brides

POSTED BY   /  25 October, 2013  

Mehendi Designs for Brides from India and Pakistan. Girls always prefer mehendi to make their hands and feet look beautiful. Now a days people also apply designs on their body to woo their husband. Designs with unique style and simplicity..
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Mehendi Designs for Legs, Bridal Henna Foot designs for Women

POSTED BY   /  24 October, 2013  

Mehendi Designs can be put on Hands, Leg, feet and body. Designs are applied on festivals, parties, weddings and special occasions. Applying the same type of Mehendi design will not get your design noticed by others. We at have..
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Latest Stone Studded Mehendi (Henna) Designs for Brides in India

POSTED BY   /  20 October, 2013  

IndianRamp presents the latest collection of Stone Studded Mehendi Designs which is a new trend in the world of fashion. Women and girls would love to put stone studded Mehendi on their hands and feet before attending any party, Festival,..
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Rajasthani Henna Mehendi Designs, Bridal Henna Designs for Women

POSTED BY   /  18 October, 2013  

Bridal Mehendi Designs latest collection for Indian women, Mehendi Designs in India are categorized into many names for the designs created in different regions and for different occassions such as Bombay Mehendi Designs, Marwari Mehendi Designs, Body Mehndi Tattoo Designs,..
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Latest Marwari Mehndi Designs, Hand Mehendi Design Collection 2013-14

POSTED BY   /  18 October, 2013  

Indian Ramp is always keen to provide you with the latest updates on fashion. Now we present you the new collection of Mehendi Designs for Girls hands and legs. Arabic Mehendi Designs, Marwadi mehendi Designs and patterns with unique and..
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Full Hand and Legs Mehendi Designs for Brides, Henna Designs 2013

POSTED BY   /  7 March, 2013  

Henna and brides are made for each other. No Indian bride’s wedding look is complete without the traditional #Henna. Applied on Full hands and full legs, this marwari intricate design will look rich and appealing after it is Red on..
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Importance of Henna in Indian weddings, Mehendi for Indian Brides

POSTED BY   /  13 February, 2013  

Think of a wedding and the first thing that comes to any bride’s mind and her complete clan of relatives too is Mehendi aka Henna. It has such significance so much so that an entire pre wedding ritual revolves around..
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Bridal Mehndi Dress Designs for Womens, Mehendi Dresses for Girls

POSTED BY   /  25 December, 2012  

Mehndi Dresses are special dresses worn by Bride and all women attending the function before the Wedding. Mehndi Nights begins 1 or 3 days prior to the wedding night,where you can see yellow or mehndi colour dresses worn by everyone...
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