The Latest Releases from D&G Watches (Dolce & Gabbana)

The Latest Releases from D&G Watches (Dolce & Gabbana)


The new ranges of D&G watches include DG7, DG7 Gems and DS5. Let us have a detailed review of all these collections.

The Latest Releases from D&G WatchesDolce & Gabban The Latest Releases from D&G Watches

 DS5 Collection:

This range of D&G watches features an automatic winding powered by the mechanical movement of its oscillating weight. The back cover of the watch will show you the oscillating weight that will recharge the movement of the watch on rotation. This rate of rotation, if it is between 4 to 20 seconds on a daily basis, can be considered normal. If the watch does wind down completely, it can be manually wound again by rotating the crown five times in the clockwise direction after which the watch can be worn again.

This watch provides an operating economy of 42 hours of being completely wound. As a result, it is advisable to wear this watch on a regular basis.

 DG7 Gems Collection:

This exclusive range of watches from D&G features the quartz movement. They are completely gold plated to avoid any chance of oxidization on exposure to moisture and varying climatic conditions. This also helps in increasing the electrical conductivity of the watch. The quartz movement usually provides a mean daily rate between -0.6 & +0.8 seconds. But this figure may get altered based on the inconsistent ambient temperature. The batteries could last as long as 2 years but could also get depleted earlier if the watch is exposed to extremely high temperatures. These watches are for those who are looking for a combination of elegance, style and technology in watches. Equipped with the best Swiss quartz technology, these watches are a worthy buy and could look marvelous with formal or casual attire. As the name suggests, the DG7 Gems collection is surely a gem amongst watches.

The Latest Releases from D&G Watches Dolce & Gabbana

 DG7 Collection:

The DG7 collection of watches is similar to the DS5 range of watches. Just like the DS5, they have an oscillating weight that gives the watch automatic winding based on the movement of the weight. You can check this on the back glass cover which constantly recharges the motion of the watch. This watch also has a 4 to 20 second rate of rotation every day. In case of winding down, rotating the crown of the watch five times clockwise will wind the watch up again. The operation economy of the DG7 watch is 42 hours on a complete windup. Owing to these reasons, these watches are preferred to be worn on a regular basis.

These latest releases from D&G watches will not only set new standards in the market but also increase the competition amongst rival brands in terms of technology and design. Being renowned for their exclusive designer watches, these latest collections of D&G watches will make you feel luxurious and elegant. These are watches designed to not only suit your needs but also provide you with brilliant features that will make you proud of owning one. These are watches that will serve you for a long time so rest assured of their durability and longevity.

Latest Dolce & Gabbana (D&G) Watches

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