Tips for wearing Heels, How to wear Heels being comfortable?

Tips for wearing Heels, How to wear Heels being comfortable?


Wearing Heels, most of the Times people wear heels now a days. Whenever we wear Heels, we get a lots of questions from everyone.

How do you walk in heels?
How you wear such high heels?
How do you stay in them all day?
Have you fall in your heels?

Tips for wearing High

Tips for Wearing high Heels

These question arises in their mind because most of the people think of foot pain when their want to wear heels, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You should always feel confident and comfortable when wearing Heels.

Here are few tips for wearing heels

1) Feet Problem to prevent: Corns, Hematos (longer feet), If you have a longer feet try buying heels with broad toe box to prevent your toes from bending.

Also, If you are already having these foot problems, don’t feel bad about it.

Now that you know what caused them, You can take steps to get better foot health and be smarter about hoe you wear heels.

2) Height Does/Doesn’t matter: People usually wear longer inch heels than wearing heels suitable to their height and get back pain. So, If you are wearing 6 inch heels and getting back pain, you should try wearing 5 inch heel. If you’re wearing 5 inch heels and getting back pain you should reduce one more inch and try wearing 4 inch heel or 3 inch heels.

Even you’re 5 feet 11 inches or 6 feet, try wearing heels from 5 feet to feet platforms.

3) Watch your Step: Heels generally take a lot on concern as they would make you fall. You need to keep your balance while walking

If you are New to Heels try these steps. Ho to walk in heels?

1) Take small baby steps
2) Keep your body posture straight.
3) First try yourself with Heel Wedges
4) Once comfortable with Wedges, Try Sandos
5) then try Classic heels or pumps

Peep toes are easier to walk in than closed toes.

Practice more..even try to wear heels most of the time in your home…Good Luck!